Para Aeromar la atención de sus pasajeros es lo más importante, es por ello que nuestro Call Center se encuentra operando a su máxima capacidad, sin embargo estamos presentando un alto número de llamadas. Le solicitamos amablemente únicamente se comunique con nosotros si su vuelo está programado dentro de las siguientes 72 horas. Agradecemos su preferencia y valoramos su paciencia.

Commercial Partners


Earn miles in United® MileagePlus®

Thanks to our partnership, all our domestic flights are in codeshare with United®. This alliance allows us to offer “Through Check-In” service, this means that our passengers can check-in (including luggage) from their origin to the final destination.

Frequent flyer program : Our passengers earn miles in United® MileagePlus® and can be redeemed in Mexico and more than 1,250 travel destinations worldwide. Miles can also be used for hotel nights, car rental and dinning.It is possible to accumulate miles just in one of the loyalty programs associated with Aeromar.

As a result of the merger between Continental Airlines and United®, now MileagePlus® will remain the frequent flyer program for the new United®. Your OnePass number does not change and now will earn miles in United® MileagePlus® program. Aeromar passengers with United® MIleagePlus® number will earn miles once the integration of systems is completed. We will keep you informed. Keep enjoying the benefits of the program.