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Preventive measures for your protection

Due to the global health situation presented by the Covid-19 outbreak, questions have been raised about the measures, restrictions, and recommendations to consider when traveling.

As a consequence of these recent events and in accordance with international public health protocols, we would like to inform you about the aircraft cleaning process to avoid the risk of contagion and thus provide you with greater protection and peace of mind when flying with us

The risk of contracting the virus on board a flight is lower than in other confined spaces, since airplanes have cabin air systems, equipped with filters that perform similarly to hospital wards.

Our aircraft have these air cleaning systems on a continuous basis, preventing any possibility of contagion.

The entire Aeromar fleet is subjected to daily routines of deep cleaning and disinfection, on contact surfaces (luggage racks, armrests, tables, seats, etc.)

We have customer service protocols for several types of health conditions, with the support of the authority.

You will always find antibacterial gel available at all contact points.

Additionally, our flight attendants crew has protective articles for the delivery of the service on board.

Regarding the food on board, it is important that you know that the snacks offered are closed products, which ensures no manipulation in their preparation.

We have reinforced internal control measures, which involve employees in operational and administrative areas, and we will continue to strengthen protocols recommended by the authorities, increasing the effectiveness of containment measures.

Change fee waiver policy

For the benefit of our passengers, on all our flights scheduled between March 13 and May 30, 2020, Aeromar will not charge the change fee.

  • Particularities, applies up to 24 hours before flight departure.
  • Changes are subject to availability.
  • The exemption applies for flight change, day change or route change.
  • Extra costs apply, if there is a difference in the rate between the original ticket and the new ticket.
  • The deadline for your new trip must be until December 31, 2020 or until the original validity of the ticket, whichever comes first.
  • The benefit of penalty exemption is up to the first 3 changes of the reservation, the subsequent ones will have a penalty according to the rate rule.

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We will continue to redouble our efforts and safety and hygiene protocols, coping with this contingency and preserving above all its safety.